Suspension of Disbelief

Yes yes yes

NeverWet is not

Ah well – when I first saw the video about liquid-proofing spray NeverWet, I thought it might be too good to be true – was this the miracle elixir for klutzy folks everywhere, or more akin to an “as seen on TV” infomercial? […]

Jul, 25 · in Uncategorized

Riding the Oregon dunes!

After visiting Crater Lake, we headed straight across to the coast for the Oregon dunes. We rented a buggy at Spinreel  – so much fun! Before the ride, they show you a video of all the things […]

Jul, 10 · in Uncategorized

Crater Lake

Finally made it to Crater Lake National Park – beautiful. 7700 years ago, Mount Mazama decided to blow its top, and left in its wake the deepest, bluest lake I’ve ever seen. That peak in […]

Jul, 03

Portland Day 2

Breakfast of champions: spoils from our late night run to Voodoo Donuts. So officially, I had bacon for breakfast. We left late and south past Mt Hood to a small town called La Pine, where we’re staying […]

Jul, 02

Oregon road trip!

Day 1 of our summer jaunt bring us to the Rose City. It’s been unseasonably hot for this part of the world (97 degrees), which hasn’t been very popular with the dog or the kid. So […]

Jul, 01

The Homer in the flesh (or steel)!

Holy crap this is good – from Yahoo news: Die-hard fans of “The Simpsons” probably remember the Season 2 episode in which Homer finds his long-lost half-brother, Herb Powell (voiced by Danny DeVito), the big […]

Jun, 28

This makes me smile

I absolutely love this orthographic drawing style. Searched on the byline and found the illustrator  on DeviantArt. Ry-Spirit is based in Australia and does prodigious amounts of  anime, game and pop culture inspired stuff. I am a […]

Jun, 27




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