Suspension of Disbelief


This article was written on 27 Jun 2013, and is filled under Uncategorized.

My new old friend

Back around 1982, I remember drooling over a slick brochure touting Sankyo’s line of Super 8 cameras. I kind of realized at the time that the age of Super 8 was on the outs, so Sankyo’s lineup represented the high water mark for the format. The features impressive; in addition to power zoom and single frame modes, the camera also filmed in multiple speeds, and included fade, in/out, time lapse, and even macro focus down to 0 (yes zero).  I was a starving student at the time, so sadly the price was beyond my reach. Not too long after, Super 8 cameras faded into technological obscurity as the video era was ushered in.

I had forgotten about these little marvels until a few months ago, when I decided to look for them on ebay. The first few I found that were in working condition were still in the $80 – 100 price range, which I felt was too much to pay for something I might not use seriously, so I bided my time. Two months later, I attempted to snipe an auction for the next one I found(I set my limit to 50.00), but I ended up losing. But then just 2 days later, another was posted and I lucked into being the only bidder and getting it for 9.99. It even came with 5 rolls of unused Super 8 cartridges and the original instruction manual – score! I’m planning to take it along on one of our summer trips, so I’ll post some sample footage.

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