Suspension of Disbelief

The Homer in the flesh (or steel)!

Holy crap this is good – from Yahoo news: Die-hard fans of “The Simpsons” probably remember the Season 2 episode in which Homer finds his long-lost half-brother, Herb Powell (voiced by Danny DeVito), the big […]

Jun, 28

This makes me smile

I absolutely love this orthographic drawing style. Searched on the byline and found the illustrator  on DeviantArt. Ry-Spirit is based in Australia and does prodigious amounts of  anime, game and pop culture inspired stuff. I am a […]

Jun, 27

James Gandolfini 1961-2013

It’s hard to think of another actor and role that embodied a place so well. James Gandolfini’s New Jersey roots shaped the actor he became — and enriched the role he played — to great […]

Jun, 27

My new old friend

Back around 1982, I remember drooling over a slick brochure touting Sankyo’s line of Super 8 cameras. I kind of realized at the time that the age of Super 8 was on the outs, so Sankyo’s lineup represented the high […]

Jun, 27

This messes with my brain

At first glance this colorful arrangement of household items, created by New York-based artist Bela Borsodi, appears to be four separate snapshots. But upon closer inspection, you might notice something a little off about the […]

Jun, 26


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